Hi, I'm Jon and I like Pokemon, Music, Drag Queens, Baby Animals, and LGBTQ* Activism. If you do as well, you should check me out! I am currently located at my wonderful college on the coast of Lake Superior in Wisconsin, but my "summer home" and place of origin is in Minnesota. I'd love to get to know you, whoever you are. Ask me anything, I'll definitely reply :D




mild chest hair is one of the best things a guy can have

I prefer medium to spicy chest hair


              Love the booty   

          Grab the booty

         Hold the booty 

      Desire the booty

    Fight for the booty

                 Bite the booty

                         Touch the booty

                                  Care for the booty                                

                                       Worship the booty

                                         Squeeze the booty

                                        Believe in the booty

                                      Embrace the booty

                                   Respect the booty

                            Protect the booty

                        Spank the booty

                           Hug the booty